Among the reports and studies done by Jean-Michel Salmon, you may notice :

as regards regional economic integration :
report written for the Indian Ocean Commission (IOC, December 2000) on an "Identification
Mission of a Project of EU Support to The Regional Economic Integration within the IOC"
(summary in french)

regarding the Cotonou Agreement and the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPA) negotiations with the EU :
CARIFORUM-EU EPA negotiations and preparation of a position for Martinique (in French)
report written for the Indian Ocean Commission (IOC, May 2002) on an "the Identification of
Specific Themes of Small and Vulnerable Island Economies to be included in the forthcoming
negotiations of EPA between the EU and ACP Countries".
whole text in French - Executive summary (english version).
See also the whole text in english of J-M. Salmon's intervention in the COMESA EPA séminar
(31 october - november first 2002) at Luzaka.

as regards Agriculture Development and WTO Negotiations :
see the case study "Indian Ocean" of the UNCTAD Project on "SIDS and WTO Agriculture
Negotiations", forthcoming . (summary 2 in english).

Concerning Development and Growth in Sub-saharan Africa :
participation in the book edited by J-C. Berthelemy, L. Soderling, with H-B. Solignac Lecomte and J-M. Salmon, 2001, (drafting of the chapters dedicated to the political economy of reforms)

For a dynamic analysis of labour market in SIDS :
see his book in french "Marché du travail et développement économique dans les petites
économies insulaires", L'Harmattan, 1997. (summary 3 in french)

As regards the development and Economic policy issues in EU "outermost " (ultraperipheral) regions :
a study commissioned by the Conference of these Regions' Presidents on the
impact of the EU enlargement and international negotiations, including the perspectives of the
economic and social cohesion policy, the CAP reform, and so forth. (summary in french)